Suzy Mae,

Strategy Director

Hi! I’m available for freelance gigs in the LA area

Advertising Experience

Suzy Mae works as a Los Angeles-based brand and content strategist who transforms emerging social trends into effective advertising ideas. Her drive, detail-focused research skills and ability to craft a compelling story have earned Suzy a reputation as a hard-working, creative, and inspiring strategic voice.

Suzy’s decade of experience in devising brand communication strategies spans entertainment, gaming, retail and tech. Having worked with culturally-savvy agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, 180, Razorfish, and 72 and Sunny, Suzy knows how to design advertising strategies for broad, mainstream reach, as well as hyper-targeted niche audiences.


Personal Experience

Suzy Mae observes humanity for love and money. She works from Los Angeles across the fields of art, advertising, and comedy.

Born in Las Vegas, Suzy Mae was a voracious reader and writer, involved in academically talented programs and winning Nevada’s spelling bee two years in a row.

Suzy Mae has always been a creative kid, taking dance, illustration, and music classes growing up. In high school, Suzy began acrylic and oil paintings, a practice she continues today.

As a painter and collage artist, Suzy Mae’s artwork is studded with contemporary pop references.  Scenes of surreal tension explore magic, delusion, and cult beliefs.

Suzy Mae has written a recognized animated TV pilot, served as creative director of a beloved indie zine, created a fun LA-centric postcard line, and performs onstage as long-form improviser and storyteller, currently at the Pack Theater with the monthly show The Tango!

In October 2017, Suzy launched Neon Altar, a metaphysical marketplace for modern witches.  See more of Neon Altar here.

In February 2019, Suzy Mae and business partner Nathan Rapport took the plunge into brick-and-mortar retail, with the co-curated space in Los Angeles, A Love Bizarre. Now located in Atwater Village, the store features weekly events, a queer-focused gallery, and the witchy goods of Neon Altar.

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Photography by Rebecca Peloquin and Anousha Hutton