Fellow advertisers.

The surreal world in which we work leads itself to mental compartmentalization. 

Separation of art and commerce– for creative people, we may check out, leveling down our consciousness to manage the split.

There are deeper aspects to life, and existing in a perpetual state of emotional salesmanship can run your feelings ragged.  And we seem to like that.  So, for all advertisers in need of solace and despair amid the madness of 2017, I offer the following quotes.  And photos.  Quotes and photos for ghosts.  Read on, you’ll see.

The desire to consume is a kind of lust.

We long to have the world flow through us like air or food.

We are thirsty or hungry for something that can only be carried inside bodies.

But consumer goods merely bait this lust, they do not satisfy it.

-From The Gift, by Lewis Hyde


Money is the pimp between man’s need and the object, between his life and his means of life.

-From Karl Marx’s 1844 manuscripts


Real, total war has become information war.

-From The Medium is the Massage, by Marshall McLuhan



Reason, by itself, may not be enough to get us out of our planetary plight.

– From Notes From the Edge Times, by Daniel Pinchbeck



There are no oceans, cities, hills, and rivers; these are but marked in the landscape of your consciousness.  Who are you, anyway?

You are a ghost.  No man ever saw you, ever will see you, even as “no man hath seen God at any time.”

-From Four Minute Essays by Dr. Frank Crane


Many thanks to Anousha Hutton, an LA-based artist, director, and photographer who creates cinematic narratives blended with surrealism.  I worked with her brilliant mind and powerful skill to create these photos, exploring psychic isolation and the cult of consumption.  Follow Anousha on Instagram.

Thank you as well to Bruno LoffredoCanter’s Deli, and Vivian Hua, for the introduction to Dr Frank Crane.