FBC is a concept pop group about two ambitious sisters with a dream: to get what they want, whatever it takes.

VV (writer, performer, pole artist, rapper & comedian Mary Alberque) is a sly motherfucker with a desire to own her own empire because power turns her on. She’s a man-eater. She knows how to exploit people and doesn’t give a second thought to doing so. Heidi Fleiss and Missy Elliott are her idols. The Yakuza is her muse. Tupac is her guardian angel.

DD (writer, performer, comedian, rapper Suzy Mae) is a tough, headstrong and single-minded ruffian with a desire to live with a tiger. She’s seen the life of glamorous, self-made stars from afar, and wants that for herself. Siegfried and Roy are her idols; Liberace is her muse. Dolly Parton is her guardian angel.

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Photography by Clayton Cotterell and Brian Frisk