Neon Altar is an online store for mod witches, hip intuitives, and label-less seekers

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Online since October 2017,

Neon Altar’s goals are to…

1.) seek, create, and share effective ritual tools,

2.) foster education & discovery, and

3.) create a witchcraft-focused community.

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Intention is Everything.

I’ve been practicing witchcraft and ritual for fifteen years, and credit the practice, along with therapy and exercise, for quelling my long struggle with clinical depression.


Neon Altar is my personal passion project.

I play many roles with Neon Algar. Head of Creative, Design, and Brand Strategy. Copywriter. Event producer. Photographer. Buyer. Accountant. Digital marketer. Webmaster.

Every day is a new challenge and learning experience. Online is a competitive place for retail, especially in the witchcraft world, where trust is required and the tactile experience so many witches crave (touch a crystal, smell a candle) are restricted to words and photos.

Neon Altar’s rich photography, vibrantly effusive descriptions, and welcoming approach are strategies I use to affirm to shoppers that my goods are legit, shipped quickly, and potent.

Neon Altar is a conscious effort to improve the world.

Exploitative crystal mining, endangering of sacred plants, and cultural appropriation are all concerns I manage, and I do my best to ensure my crystals, sage, and palo santo are ethically sourced. I walk my path of mixed-heritage with respect and an open mind. I hold space for the marginalized to be supported, and the privileged to learn.

My visual and tonal approach is fun, bright and humorous, because when you resonate with your ritual tools, you’ll use them more often. Using them more often= deeper connection to the universe. A who doesn’t want that?

Witchcraft offers power to the marginalized.

Witchcraft is a huge social media trend today, among young women and queer individuals. I don’t hold negativity towards the growth of the group like some old-school witches do. In fact, I believe it’s a direct response to feeling out-of-control in personal areas, where an oppressive government, and the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, yank resources for basic living standards away from the most vulnerable people in our society.

Until the great overthrow of capitalism and the second coming of the Goddess to repair our Earth (not holding my breath here) I’ll continue to use Neon Altar as a space to support indie makers of tarot decks, writers of crucial books, plus creators of magickal products, and bring life enhancing tools to my community.

Suzy Mae


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